Consultancy & Courses

I am a passionate believer in individual growth and potential and offer coaching and consultancy on a wide range of personal development topics for organisations and individuals. I provide tailor-made courses, programmes and workshops and one-to-one coaching in areas such as:

· personal effectiveness
· assertiveness
· communicating with impact
· managing people and teams
· dealing with difficult people
· managing stress and pressure
· preparing for career change
· making a professional impact

If you would like to become more confident in the way you manage your own behaviour and responses, you can learn skills, strategies and techniques which suit your personal style and which you will be able to put into practice straight away in your personal and professional life.

Communication, verbal and non-verbal, is the key to forming and maintaining successful relationships. You will make a positive impact in all your encounters if you can:

· express yourself confidently and appropriately
· use the right words
· listen to others with understanding and empathy
· understand your own style of working and communicating
· understand how your own style relates to others’
· say no to requests
· ask for what you want
· manage your body language
· read other people’s body language
· handle difficult people and situations with grace and confidence
· manage your own stress and pressure
· recognise others’ stress and pressure

You can develop these and similar skills, and dramatically enhance the way you feel about yourself and impact you have on others.

Old joke: How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?

One, but the light bulb must really want to change.

That’s the key to success. Take the first step now.