How To Manage Eye Contact

The first problem with eye contact is that we all know that it is A Good Thing which we should all practise, but we don’t know how to do it without looking and feeling awkward and just a bit creepy. The second problem is that we all know a little […] Read more »

How To Speak With Authority And Impact

The way you speak is central to the impact you make. You can develop a way of speaking which adds to your professional presence and which places you in the category of people who make an impact and should be taken seriously. Here are five steps to using your voice […] Read more »

How Being Nice Harms You

We all know that ‘nice’ is an overworked word, one we use when we are unable to or can’t be bothered to come up with something more precise. But we need to watch out if ‘nice’ is often applied to us by ourselves or other people. Read more »

How to Be a Better Friend — Accepting Feelings

Of course you accept your mate’s feelings, you may think, as you recall all the hours you spend listening to their emotional traumas about their significant other, or lack thereof, or their mother or their boss or their kids or their diet… You do what all good friends do. You […] Read more »

The One Word You Need to Reduce Christmas Stress

It’s meant to be a season of peace and goodwill. Cue hollow laugh. For many of us, the first sighting of a red and white Santa, usually around the end of August, marks the onset of low-level creeping anxiety, which builds up into full-on stressed-out panic as we approach the […] Read more »

How to Deal With People Who Manipulate You

Emotional manipulation comes in many shapes and forms. You might experience the occasional twinge of unease when you realise that someone is pulling your strings. You might find yourself uncomfortably caught in a personal or professional relationship which is defined by the power imbalance created by the use of manipulation. The […] Read more »

How to Manage Perfectionism

In some situations, perfectionist behaviour works. Close, excruciating attention to criteria and standards is essential in contexts which involve, for example, people’s lives. You don’t want your surgeon to execute a cut which is ‘near enough’ the right place, or the person controlling your flight to tell the pilot not […] Read more »