Two Words Not To Say In Or Out Of The Workplace

‘I’ll try’ There’s nothing wrong with trying to do something, of course there isn’t. It’s good to make an effort, to reach for what is out of our grasp, to experiment, to give something a whirl without certainty of success. That’s all part of the excitement and challenge of living. […] Read more »

How To Talk About Stress At Work

Don’t suffer stress in silence We know that stress causes misery and destroys lives. We know that stress can kill, although we push that one away to the backs of our minds. A report just out from insurer Friends Life shows that stress costs UK companies an incredible £690 million […] Read more »

How to make social conversation

Many of us freeze at the idea of making small talk. The thought of having to converse with people we hardly know, having to find something to say or risk being seen as clumsy and unsociable – well, it’s enough to make you turn down that party invitation, or lurk […] Read more »

Drop the juggling act

Some time in the late 1980s, we latched on to the phrase ‘women who juggle their lives’. How we loved the idea that were having it all, family, career, aspirational lifestyle, whatever we wanted, just by keeping all those balls in the air at once. There we were, striding through […] Read more »

How to get out of a job rut

How do you know if you’re in a job rut? It’s when nothing about what you do interests or excites you. You can do what’s required to a more-or-less OK standard, and sometimes you feel you could do it with your eyes shut. Actually, sometimes your eyes really are shut. […] Read more »

Manners maketh everyone

Manners maketh man, said an esteemed philosopher, speaking at a time when everyone would have taken the word ‘man’ to encompass all human beings. No, it was not the 1950s, but the 14th Century when William of Wykeham made this statement. And he was not referring to the niceties of […] Read more »

Two Steps To Confidence

Confidence is the key to success in so many areas of our lives. Being confident enables us to pursue our goals and ambitions and to communicate our thoughts and needs. The confident person copes with setbacks, learns from mistakes, seizes opportunities, handles difficult situations. That’s the kind of confidence which […] Read more »