How Smiling Affects your Impact in the Workplace

It seems rather sad that such a lovely expression of pleasure as a smile should be put under scrutiny and become a subject for guidance and rules. But smiling, like all other aspects of non-verbal communication, can add to or detract from the impact you make at work. It’s that […] Read more »

How to Make Good Decisions

In the course of a day we make dozens of decisions, most of which happen so automatically that we don’t realise we are exercising choice. The easy fluidity of this process is hampered when we are required to make a choice in an unusual or unexpected situation. That’s when we […] Read more »

Think Like a Rock Star to Achieve Clarity

‘Think Like A Rock Star’ doesn’t sound like sound advice on how to approach situations in our comparatively mundane, non-rock star lives. True, there was a moment in the 1980s when girls made decisions based on ‘what would Madonna do’, but I imagine most of us abandoned this guiding principle […] Read more »

Six Situations When A Pause is Powerful

Doing things quickly can make us feel productive and in control. We admire the aura of the authority and confidence shown by making an instant decision, the efficiency shown by whipping through messages and firing off replies, the mental sharpness shown by coming up with an instant response. However, an […] Read more »

A Different Way To Set Goals

It’s good to have goals for our lives and careers. Having targets to aim for gives us purpose and direction. Well-formed, attainable goals enable us to realize our dreams and ambitions. They provide a marker for our success — or failure. Aah yes, the f word. There’s nothing like not achieving […] Read more »

How To Use Your Personal Power At Work

Power comes in different forms. We tend to automatically associate it with position and job title but we have all known bosses and team leaders who just don’t cut it and we have all known less elevated work colleagues who carry a lot of clout. Relying on only one source of influence […] Read more »

How Likeable People Find The Right Tone

You don’t know what went wrong. You were talking to a friend or someone in your family or an acquaintance or someone at work, and you thought you were listening to what they were saying and making appropriate responses. Well, you were listening. You could repeat what they were saying […] Read more »

The Power of Saying Hello

The South Downs National Park Authority is running a campaign to encourage people walking, sauntering, running, picnicking or generally enjoying this lovely area of the countryside in the South of England to treat each other courteously and they suggest that we say hello when we pass by someone, say thank you […] Read more »